Saturday, April 16, 2011

project #4

Hey class

i wanted to post this earlier but do to a lot going on in my life i am just getting to it the last two weeks i have spilt a glass of water on my macbook and had to replace it losing a ton of files and work, while this past week my dog ate an entire bag packaging and all of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, he was very sick and had to be held at the vet for nearly 3 days. the reason why i tell you this is i have wonderful comments for all of you on your last projects and i am in the process of retrieving my last projects files from the old hard drive so i can post them as well although at this point i wont be expecting your feedback I would still be happy to give you my input because i saw a lot of really cool works!

project #4 self crit

Doing a time based project was a new experience for me, I have never used the software necessary to create .gif or .mov until very recently. Thus this project was very tough but a nice introduction and a good way to get me to think about the possibilities of time based media. I decided to create a mock ad for a skateboarding shop here in town called The Denver Shop. I have been close with the owner of the shop for about ten years now and I have always wanted to do some type of digital work for him. So, when this project came up I decided to go film one of the team riders doing a trick and and create a .gif as an ad for his “introduction” to the team (josh murphy already rides for the shop). Josh spent nearly an hour trying this trick (gap to 50-50) before making it giving the final result that much more significance. I feel that skateboarding is an amazing art in itself but to truly enjoy skating it must be crossbreed with different forms of art like photo, film and video editing. Through this project i realized with out time based media I would have never picked up a board. However the amazing videos and ads that have been produced inspire people like me everyday so this is my attempt to create something to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of skateboarding...